I’m still here, and so is RoR

I have been making progress on some of my recent projects recently, Colorado, Rattletrap, 240sx drift car,and a couple rock bouncer builds. I know recently people have been messaging me to find out what is happening to RoR in general and I haven’t really had an answer but I was still working on my projects. But now we know that RoR is still under development and is getting a new website, by PRT, I am so glad to hear that RoR is still continuing after all these years, it was sad to see it leaving and hoped it wasn’t going to. I will be releasing some new mods soon, there just not quite to a stable, release state yet.

But for now heres a few quick pictures.




Welcome to the new Jimmy Rigged

Unfortunately we lost Jimmy-Rigged.com and in turn we moved to JRIG.co, so welcome to the new and improved Jimmy Rigged. I will be posting updates here and only here along with any new downloads that may come out in the future, above you will see pictures of mt more recent projects, if you click said pictures you can download them. These will be updated with new project downloads as they are released and older downloads will be moved onto a download page. The site is still being worked on so be patient and report any problems or suggestions to micracer91791@gmail.com. Please enjoy the site and feel free to donate to help keep the site up, and to help me out. Once I get a new PC I am going to be both creating content and transfering content to BeamNG as well as RoR, but dont fret I will not be leaving RoR just would love to help out the BeamNG community with some Rock Bouncers, which they seem to be lacking at this time. Donation button below.


Thanks and please bookmark JRIG.co